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When the tea samples arrive, our buyers set them in long rows, carefully slurping and assessing Assams, Darjeelings and Ceylons in their hundreds. In fact, they often taste up to a thousand teas a day. And of course, they’re very rigorous in how they test our teas before they leave the building, tasting every batch with and without milk, and in hard and soft water, to make sure it’s always perfect. 

Even though the plant and process is the same all over the world, the flavour characteristics of teas from different origin and seasons varies hugely. So between the harvest and the final cup, each tea will be tasted up to eight times to make sure everything has been done properly each step of the way before deciding exactly how much of each tea will go into our blends.

Blending and packaging

We gently mix a handful together in a delicate blending drum which stops the leaves getting bruised, then whisk them off to be bagged, packed and wrapped for freshness before sending them out to shops.

These processes and more, including honing the taste buds of our tea buyers, building real relationships with and paying a fair and sustainable price to our tea growers are what it takes to bring you a proper brew.

Because at Taylors of Harrogate is Where Everything's Done Proper.


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