LaFavorita Basil Pesto – with “Basilico Genovese DOP” Basil

Basil Genovese is the only Basil in the world to earn the DPO certification

(since 2006 as of 2023) out of about 60 edible basil species.

Only Basil cultivar which is Basilico Genovese in the whole world grown according to traditional Liguria basil cultivation methods ( grown using Liguria soil and under it's environmental conditions) to earn the DPO status. 

Each basil leaf has a medium-small size, with an oval and convex shape, of a pale bright green colour. The leaves are harvested when ripe, To have developed enough of its distinctive flavour intense or strong basil aroma.



Some basil points to note

-the basil plants are medium-high height 
-density of intermediate foliage
-elliptical and bullous-shaped leaf flat or convex surface
-only natural soil is used to grow the basil
-no topsoil
-no substrates
-no methyl bromide
Growing near the coastal regions of Liguria, a mediterranean region the sea breeze gives it a cool environment to grow deliciously well. Lafavorita Basil pesto contain PDO basil bearing its distinctive flavour and advantages against other None DPO basil varieties or cultivars.
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