Who We Are

 Gourmet Grocery by OurChoice is the leading purveyor of gourmet grocery in Singapore, dedicated to indulging the most refined palates with Europe’s finest epicurean foods.

Delicately curated and sourced only from reputable artisanal suppliers, backed by generations of excellence, we are passionate about providing the finest and freshest ingredients, for both home gourmands and professional chefs alike, desirous of embarking on their next culinary adventure.

We believe in bringing you the best, consistently—and naturally. We only engage suppliers who share our belief in ethically sourced foods and are transparent and committed to environmentally sustainable methods of food production.

With a strong emphasis on natural foods that have not been genetically modified, have no added artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings, this is gourmet grocery of the highest quality—where exquisite and authentic meet.

Gourmet Grocery is a collective gastronomic experience, one defined by integrity and trust. Here at OurChoice, Gourmet Grocery is uniquely about you and us, together—Our Choice.