Poached Eggs With Sliced Smoked Salmon


Alfred Enderby has been consistently winning year on year a variety of prestigious awards for it’s artisan smoked fish, achieving 3 stars for smoked salmon and 2 stars for smoked haddock in the ‘Great Taste Awards’, with such wonderful judges comments as “Absolutely Stunning”, “Unbelievable Texture, Supple & Tender”, “Melts In The Mouth”, “Excellent Salmon, Obviously Fresh, Well Prepared And Of Fine quality”. 

Overall winner of the Fish & Seafood category in the Great British Food Awards 2020 again with excellent judges comments; “Smoked haddock of this quality deserves its recognition, breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner, it suits them all“. Taste the best, taste Alfred Enderby’s Smoked Fish...
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  1. 50g-100g Alfred Enderby Smoked Salmon 
  2. 1 or 2 large eggs very fresh
  3. Hollandaise Sauce (optional)
  4. Lemon (optional)
  5. Avocado crushed (optional)

How To Cook

  1. Remember to use as fresh an egg as possible. Get the water to boiling then bring it off the heat, add eggs and cover with lid, turn off heat and return pan to the cooling hot plate. The key here is not to smash the egg with lots of boiling bubbles.
  2. Take some freshly sliced Alfred Enderby truly traditional smoked salmon, don’t buy the thin wet sliced stuff, it’s simply not the same. You may slice the salmon slightly thicker for a improved taste experience.
  3. Add the sliced salmon to toast or to a brown wholemeal bread roll, place the poached eggs on top and serve with Hollandaise sauce or crushed avocado.
Salt And Pepper And A Squeeze Of Lemon. Enjoy