Cartwright and Butler


The reusability of our packaging is of huge importance. It’s not unusual to find our beautiful tins and jars being reused creatively and innovatively in homes across the UK, whether they are filled with refills, used to store bits and bobs in the kitchen, or used as items of homeware. Sustainability is high on the agenda for us and we are continuously looking for innovative new ways to improve packaging sustainability while retaining an excellent level of product quality and freshness. Currently, on average only 3% (by weight) of our packaging is plastic, and over the coming years, we are committed to phasing out single-use plastic completely.  We have also made steps to improve the recyclability of our outer packaging, for example by reducing the use of plastic tape, meaning our cardboard boxes can be recycled more easily.

Product (Food Sourcing)

We consider the effect of our business on the worldwide community, and we aim to use products that are ethically sourced, and from local producers wherever possible. In new product development, we are working towards a completely palm-oil-free product portfolio and now a huge 93% of our products are palm oil-free.  The quality of our products is of critical importance and we are constantly innovating to offer our customers the best. In the past year, we have made steps to remove the widely used preservative Sulphur Dioxide from our products, and now only 3% of our product range still includes this preservative. We also consider the sustainability of our products, and our latest range of whole leaf teabags are plastic-free. The tea is packed into pyramid Soilon biodegradable teabags, a material that offers both environmental and health benefits when compared to its alternatives such as nylon. The Soilon teabags are non-toxic, completely decomposable, and suitable for composting. 


We work on building a strong relationship with our suppliers and commit to an ethical relationship where both parties collaborate to find sustainable solutions.  We work in partnership to identify solutions to challenging issues and invest in ways of working that protect our colleagues, our customers and our environment.