Basil Pesto Sauce Benchmark

La Favorita's Pesto alla Genovese con Basilico Genovese DOP is a classic basil pesto sauce, excellent for pasta, and can also be used in enhancing vegetable soups and boiled meat, and even marinating meats. It contains only 5 ingredients that are as natural as you can get: olive oil, cashews, Genovese DOP Basil, sea salt, pine nuts.
Made of DOP Genoese Basil, La Favorita’s Basil Pesto Sauce is basically homemade Italian pesto in a bottle. It bears the seal of the “Basilico Genovese DOP” so you are sure that it contains the authentic and one of the most sought after aromatic ingredients in the culinary world.
And yes, we did! We went to a high-end supermarket, got ourselves 3 different brands of Pesto alla Genovese off the shelf and tried each of them and recorded our findings according to different parameters (see table below for details).
basil pesto benchmark
All of them are made in Italy; all of them are called “Pesto alla Genovese”; but none of the three brands bear the seal of the Basilico Genovese DOP. Notice that all the other 3 brands also contain cheese, but this particular recipe of Basil Pesto alla Genovese from La Favorita does not, conveniently leaving the option of adding freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano to you. In addition, pesto fans with dairy allergy will also get to enjoy it!

Take a look at the this photo to see the stark differences in colour—owing to La Favorita’s process of making its Basil Pesto range, which does not apply heat, you can see that the colour of the fine pieces of basil leaves in the jar are exactly of the same colour of the leaves of a live basil plant!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: La Favorita’s Basil Pesto Sauce is basically homemade Italian pesto in a bottle.