Tiptree Tomato Sauce 310g


Tiptree Tomato Ketchup 

a very special ketchup 

 100% Mediterranean Plum Tomatoes

Rich Tomato Flavor

Glass bottled & traditional recipe made

No thickeners & No preservatives 


180g of tomatoes per 100g of Ketchup

  Tiptree ketchup = 588 grams of tomatoes used per bottle!

Not every brand listed the amount of tomatoes in their ketchup. 

Unique and Distinctive Flavour

 100% Mediterranean Plum Tomatoes Only

Taste the unique and distinctive Mediterranean plum breeds of tomatoes.

Tiptree's traditional recipe using real spices helping enhance flavour.

Spices are (Onion Powder, Clove Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Chilli Powder) 


Using Glass Bottles. Plastic bottles are not the best way to store the ketchup. This is due to acidity plus acetic acid which may lead to plastic leaches. 

The Mediterranean Plum Tomatoes is what you pay for with Tiptree.

Get value for your money.

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