Conrad Centennial Singapore Mooncake

Conrad Centennial Singapore Mooncake


      Moonlit Opulence: Mid-Autumn Festival 2024


          Available from 1 July  till 17 September 2024, Golden Peony's mooncake collection celebrates time-honoured culinary traditions with a modern twist, crafted to delight and inspire. 

      Gift, indulge and elevate your Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations with our delectable mooncakes, presented in a luxurious leatherette cream-coloured box or limited edition fashionable bag - both adorned with elegant peony motifs. 

      For orders over 50 boxes and delivery enquiries, please email or contact 90252123


      Early Bird from 1st July 2024 to 18th August 2024  Enjoy 35% discount


      All deliveries will commence from 24th July onwards

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