Quality Assured


Balsamic Vinegar: 24 Months 

Biscuits: 4 Months

Butters: 5 days (most butters can be stored frozen)

Candy & Fudge: 4 Months

Cheese: 14 days

Chocolate Bars: 5 Months

Chocolate Napolitans: 9 Months 

Chocolate Pralines: 3 Months

Clotted Cream: 9 Months

Coffee: 9 Months

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 9 Months

Fruit Jam: 12 Months 

Fruit Jam (Lemon curd): 8 Months 

Fruit Jam (Reduced Sugar): 8 Months 

Fruit Juice Bottled: 2 Months

Hot Chocolate Drinks: 4 Months

Pasta: 12 Months

Potato Chips: 30 days 

Popcorn: 30 days

Sea Salt: 12 Months 

Sauces: 8 Months

Tea: 12 Months

Wine: 24 Months 

Should there be any item with an earlier Best Before Date than what is in the guide, it will be indicated in the specific product page. 


We offer a No Questions Asked Return Policy for unopened items within 2 days of the purchase to allow our customers shop with confidence. 

Collection will be arranged for returns. Contact: (+65)66864438 (+65)90252123